Top wind and kitesurf spots

Cabo Verde or Cape Verde

If you are looking for exotic – choose Cabo Verde. The most famous island of Cabo Verde is Sal, Boa Vista and Santiago. A different culture, a breath of Africa, fantastic scenery and perfect weather. And of course, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Cabo Verde has a perfect wind and a great weather, and therefore the conditions for windsurfing are the best in the world. Can you imagine a better place for a windsurfing camp? On Sal and Boa Vista are the most popular wind and kite school.


On the island of Boa Vista the most popular windsurfing spots is placed on Bahia with the best wind statistics and All Saints – universal spot, also suitable for teaching windsurfing. It’s a perfect place for a family holiday. Even if the other members are not interested in watersports they won’t be bored, as Cabo Verde is a very interesting destination for any tourist. You will see a beautiful, sandy and rocky beaches, salt lakes – the so-called saline, volcanic, lunar-like landscape, a village in the crater of the volcano – Cha de Caldeiras and colorful town with an impressive colonial architecture.

Alacati, Turkey

Fantastic place for training windsurfing, located on the Turkish Riviera, near the resort of Cesme. The wind is perfect because of the local Meltemi wind and the venturi effect, obtained thanks to the mountain environment spot. Alacati is the ideal place for windsurfing training trip for beginners and advanced windsurfing course – you’ll find both extensive shallows and decent waves for training jumps. There are also windsurfing training camps for children and youth, therefore, Alacati is a good idea for a windsurfing course for children.

In Alacati you will find a lot of tourist attractions. Turkey is rich in ancient monuments. In addition to the Alacati and Cesme, must-see Ephesus, Izmir, Ilic, Marmaris, Pamukkale and the island of Chios. The area Alacati and Cesme also have the picturesque windmills. Alacati is not only a paradise for windsurfers, but also a great opportunity to try other sports such as kite surfing, sailing or diving.