If you are a doctor, nurse or paramedic, fulfill your dreams and find the perfect place to work in the UK, France, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It seems impossible? Absolutely not! Thanks to the medical professional recruitment organization – Paragona, you will find quickly a perfect job for you in the country that you will choose. All you have to do is to send your CV and then make an appointment for an interview with Paragona recruiters. If you are an medical service specialist, Paragona quickly will find a work for you and arrange a meeting with the new employer. After meeting him and signing a contract, you will be prepared to relocate and live in a new country. This organization provides advanced Language Training, Professional Adaptation Training and Cultural Integration Training.

All costs of these courses will be covered by the Paragona. The courses can be provided to your family as well if they will decide to move with you. As you’ve completed all the courses, you can start your work! The content and time scale of the induction plan differ always depending on individual situation of a worker. The experience shows, that all the new workers didn’t have bigger problems with adaptation. After that you can enjoy your new work! Apply now!

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E-mail address: info[at]

Location: Al. Jana Pawła II 29, Atrium Plaza, lobby C, 00-867 Warsaw

Country: Poland