Modern desk for player – find your own way

A true gamer needs a proper gaming desk. Not one with a white, elegant top and a modern frame, but one that really encompasses the gaming aesthetic. For most gamers, it means getting a larger desk set that is comfortable to sit at for many hours, that allows you to set up additional equipment and that works perfectly with an ergonomic gaming chair. There is an entire category of office furniture dedicated to gaming desks and gaming sets that were designed with gamers in mind. What do they offer and how can you find the right one for you?

The basic elements of a modern gaming desk

The first thing most gamers look out for in a gaming desk is the color of the top. Most of the time they opt for a black option, as it’s much easier to keep clean and great looking without having to worry about every stain from a cup of coffee or a can of soda. Black is also much better for seamless cable management – most wires for monitors, computer accessories, etc. are black, so on a white desk, they would be much more visible and obvious. Cable management is of the highest importance for gamersa true gaming desk should be ready for that, having some additional space behind to allow for multiple cables to run along with the back pieces. 

Another element that is of the highest importance when it comes to choosing a gaming desk is the dimensions. Gamers need space to move the mouse around and place all the elements of the gaming setup either on top of the desk or under it. With the required space for a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and mousepad, speakers and more, the 120 cm width is a minimum. Most desks are also at least 60 cm deep to let you place the monitor far enough from your face and adjust the setup ergonomically

Have some fun with LED’s in your desk

There’s a big trend in the gaming community to equip every element of your setup with colorful RGB LED lights. The lights look really nice against the black background of the desk and provide an easy light source for the setup that is naturally quite dark – when you’re playing games, you rarely want to have a lot of light sources around. The LEDs are an exception here and if you space them out nicely, then can visually tie the entire setup together.

At you’ll find gaming desks with built-in LED lighting controlled by a wireless remote, which makes it even easier to switch the lights on and off or change their settings. The remote allows you to choose one color or let them change automatically. The desk lights can be additionally connected to your computer, which makes it even easier to change the settings to your needs. 

Gaming desk by Dynamiq

Gaming desk by Dynamiq

A great addition to a gaming desk could be a wireless charger installed under the desk and working through the countertop. One less wire to run around the desk and a comfortable spot to set up your phone to charge, without limiting your ability to use it? We’re all for it. 

What materials will be good for a gaming desk? 

Durability and stain resistance are truly important when it comes to gaming desks. Besides the black color of the top, try looking for a desk with the top made of a laminated board that is resistant to stains and dirt. Cleaning it up regularly shouldn’t be a problem and the desk won’t collect a lot of dust with regular maintenance. Also, find a desk with a stable and strong construction – placing all the equipment on the desktop can weigh a lot, so a maximum load of at least 120 kg will be necessary.