How to clean 3D glasses?

Without properly cleaned 3D glasses, your experience of watching a 3D movie could be as unpleasant as watching it with those old, cheap cinema glasses with your head tilted. If glasses are to work properly, they need to be clean and ready to work whenever you need them to – regularity is crucial here. But how to clean 3D glasses and not destroy them in the process?

Check the type of your glasses

Before you even start thinking about cleaning your 3D glasses, you need to know their type, because it will be quite important when it actually gets down to the cleaning and maintenance problem. Generally, there are two types of 3D glasses used today – passive and active. They are very different on the outside and work in a different way on the inside, so determining which one is the one you have shouldn’t be a problem. Remember – passive 3D glasses are usually cheaper, with lenses made out of soft plastic and if you looked closely, you would see the polarization on them in form of small lines.

Active glasses are quite a new thing on the market and as far as technology goes, these are actually a hi-tech device, not just a gadget. They work by quickly shutting close and opening the lenses, allowing each eye to see its designated image separately. By this, 3D movies are far better quality and the colours are deeper than ever. But the price of the glasses is also much higher than for the passive ones.

Cleaning 3D glasses

With passive glasses, the cleaning process is simple. If you ever wore or know someone wearing regular corrective glasses, you know that you should use a soft cloth and a glasses cleaner to get stains and dust off the lenses, but if you clean them with water and a paper towel, they will be just fine. Active 3D glasses require more work. First of all, they need regular charging and occasional software update in order to work their best. As for cleaning, soft cloth and dedicated cleaner is all you can use.

Any water inside the shutter part of the lenses could possibly damage them as it would any electronic devices. Also, the lenses are way more fragile, so once you finish watching a movie, charge your glasses and keep them in a safe place. Now you know how to do so, take care of your glasses properly and enjoy 3D technology at its best.